Leftovers examines a small rural town in the Darling Downs where most of the residents have moved on. Although the land was marked for mineral excavation, the proposed mine has been put on hold, leaving remnants of these homes scattered throughout the town.


The series looks at the traces left behind after a period of human presence; featuring images captured by myself of the various buildings still standing, and scans from negatives and notes abandoned by one of the families that lived there. In the works are clues to the lives of people who were once the town’s inhabitants, creating a narrative for these homes and the community as a whole, as well as providing a documentation of the dilapidation of man-made structures when this community no longer remains.

Print info:

Inkjet Print on Cotton Rag


68x85cm, Ed. of 3 + AP

48x60cm, Ed. of 9 + AP