Body features 152 unique silver gelatin chemigrams made through a reaction that takes place when sweat comes into contact with silver gelatin paper. The project captures the artists whole body on separate sheets of 4x5" paper, mixed up and then pieced back together to create a new and abstract form.


The project explores the photographic mediums intrinsic ability to record - but in an unorthodox fashion - exploring its extended potential as a documentary device. Unlike the traditional photograph, created from light, these works capture a direct impression of the artists touch, imbuing his presence quite literally within the prints. Through its creation and rearrangement, Body questions the idea of objectivity in photography, putting the artists physical form through a process of fragmentation and reconstruction that is some parts truth and some parts fiction.

Print Info:

152 Unique Silver Gelatin Chemigrams


Individual: 10x15cm

Total: 131x255cm